Youngest Fashion Company produces and sells high-quality children's clothes. All products of this Finnish brand are handmade from natural materials. Explore great beauty of the clothes, with a unique design, bright, stylish and high quality.


It's a slipper, it's a sock, NO... It's a Moccis! Moccis® (pronounced Mock-Keys) are the first and only luxury hand sewn Swedish moccasins to bring fashion, function, and fun to indoor footwear worldwide. The history of this brand began from moms idea, Anna Wetterlin, who has very active kids. They love to run, jump, climb and play. So, she began to create her own trendy, fun, and colourful shoes. She remembered that in childhood in Sweden she used moccasins. Anna worked carefully with the manufactures to improve the traditional moccasin and bring it into the 21st century.  Having selected the best materials (washable leather and cotton), using beautiful design elements, she has created a unique brand of Moccis-moccasins.

Moccis slippers are made with love and care from start to finish -- they are made in Sweden using traditional craftsmanship in a factory that has been making moccasins since 1950!
They sourced washable leather for the soles, ensured everything was ethically produced, used the highest quality luxury materials, created a special invisible elastic that ensured the product would hold its shape and not fall down or irritate the children’s ankles, all while ensuring that the hand sewn tradition would continue.

Now Moms are happy and relaxed knowing that Moccis help prevent injury, promote muscle growth and are safer than common sippers and socks.
Children love to keep their Moccis on. In fact, they are addicted and go looking for them. They even sleep in them!
Moccis are machine washable in 40 degrees and should be hang dried.


Aretex, SA, a company founded in 1898 in Arenys de Mar, not far from the city of Barcelona, is part of the Corporación Empresarial Valls, SL, a large Spanish holding with different companies in the textile and graphic arts sectors.

Its early business focused on the manufacture and commercialisation of socks and leotards. For some years it has introduced new product lines, always aimed at newborns and children up to 14 years with a view to being not only a benchmark in the socks sectors, but also a brand specialised in making-up and children's knitwear.

Aretex, SA markets the Cóndor brand through a network of rigorously selected representatives and distributors.

Each Cóndor garment has been made thinking of the comfort and well-being of babies and girls and boys of all ages; aiming to create garments with their own original design and a wide range of colours for dressing at all times of day and for any occasion.


Oscar et Valentine is a French company from Paris which imports cashmere wool and produces beautiful and warm children's clothing.

Kashmir is thin and soft ultra-fine undercoat which is collected from goats that. live in the mountains of Asia at 4000 - 4500 meters above sea level, where the temperature does not rise above -10 °C. This harsh weather condition has evolved cashmere to be able to retain warmth naturally and effectively.

The name Kashmir comes from the region Kashmir (India and Pakistan), where the first wool production began. However, now the most important suppliers of high-quality cashmere are China and Mongolia.

Cashmere is collected during the spring molting season when the goats naturally shed their winter coat. One goat brings no more than 150 grams of wool in a year. To knit a cashmere sweater for an adult will take wool from 4 - 6 goats. This is just one of the indicators of the value of this product from Cashmere.

Cashmere fiber is thinner than 15 microns (whereas human hair has a thickness of about 50 microns). That's why feeling cashmere on your skin is a nice experience. Cashmere is very warm, soft, lightweight, and durable and does not cause allergies.


Unique brand is owned by  "MiTiN & MiTiN" Ltd. Company, which based in Sofia. Company produces high quality ultra comfortable clothes and accessories for babies of 100% certified organic cotton. Items are gentle for babies skin, very soft, delicate in touch and safe for allergic children.


Siena is the trade name and a reference brand for the retail trade of Diademas y Pasadores S.L., a Spanish company established since the 90s in Valencia and specialized in the design, production and marketing of hair ornaments and fashion accessories.
One of the strongest points of Siena is that around the 80% of the collections are designed and produced semi-handcrafted in the premises located in Valencia, Spain, having a great deal of productive processes and using a great diversity of materials.


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